Local funk-inflected ass-movers Poor But Sexy are still putting out. The unusually soulful assemblage of white boys keeps writing lascivious lyrics, and this new offering is no exception. The less-than-subtle innuendo on “Cherry Delicious” is backed up by what sounds like Prince‘s Revolution as fronted by Daryl Hall. On the chorus, David Brown‘s lead vocals are complimented by an old-school falsetto call-and-response, and there’s a slew of go-go percussion throughout the track courtesy of Brown himself (though Eric Axelson has been known to join the band on congas at live shows). It all lends the song a D.C.-rooted block party vibe. The song comes from their yet-to-be-titled forthcoming LP, produced by PBS guitarist Jason Caddell (The Dismemberment Plan), which is set for a February 2011 release. You can see the band in person at Velvet Lounge next week, or pop the cherry on its new, smooth single right now.

LISTEN: Poor But Sexy – Cherry Delicious