Kriston Capps leads off this week’s arts section with his look at the territorial tensions between D.C.’s commercial galleries and nonprofit art spaces—-the former sometimes donate works to the latter for art auctions, but at a cost. Now the galleries are getting organized.

Andrew Noz reviews the latest full-length from D.C. rapper Tabi Bonney, while David Dunlap Jr. listens to the new album from Arlington ren-faire rockers Fern Knight. Trey Graham reviews every tongue confess, an ambitious world premiere involving church burnings and a Greek chorus that is the first play to be performed in Arena Stage’s new Kogod Cradle. Mark Athitakis reviews Andrew Wingfield‘s Right of Way, a book of short stories that touch on issues of gentrification in Northern Virginia. Tricia Olszewski reviews Love & Other Drugs and Welcome to the Rileys, two films about damaged relationships between damaged people. And for One Track Mind, Benjamin Freed talks to guitar-and-cello duo Janel and Anthony about a track from their upcoming album.

In City Lights: Capps reviews “Proofs” at Hamiltonian Gallery. Plus: Psycho, House of Gold, Let It Be, Gay Talese, Peter Hook, and Elizabeth Cook.