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Morning, folks!

Hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving. Brisk roundup this morning, let’s get to it!

-In WaPo, Anne Hornaday has the lowdown on all the selections and snubs of Oscar’s round one cut for documentary films. As far as docs with artists as their subjects, Banksy prevailed over Joan Rivers and Vik Muniz.

Leslie Nielsen, from whom I learned the concept of faux gravitas, is dead. In unrelated news, on Wednesday a bunch of celebrities (Justin Timberlake, Usher, Khloe Kardashian, &c.) will pretend to be dead by—*GASP*—declining to update their Twitter and Facebook statuses. The goal is AIDS awareness. Really weird idea, but hey, they got my attention.

-Which is less likely to impoverish the soul of the aspiring writer: enrolling is an MFA program or moving to New York City to try to “make it”? Slate has an excerpt from a new n+1 article.

-Members of the TBD Arts crew have posted their picks for the week.

-The most moving piece of art I consumed over the weekend was definitely Tim Carman’s paean to benevolent intoxication. Highly recommend.

Have a good day!