Good morning, D.C.! Can you read this roundup? Is your Comcast connection working? Are you sure? Anyway…

Since it is very much the holiday season, TBD figures out what various venues will be doing to celebrate. The Birchmere has John Waters, and Black Cat has the classics.

Click Track says that Thanksgiving makes the music on TV extra weird. They call their selections paragons of “pop music surrealism.”

We Love DC reviews Kaskade at Fur Nightclub and Every Tongue Confess at the Kogod Cradle (now that sounds like one well-funded contraption) at Arena Stage.

Everybody is really upset about the azaleas at the National Arboretum (except We Love DC. They’re snarky).

People’s District talks to a Capitol Steps performer. Key quote: “You would think of all the politicians, Bill Clinton was the easiest parody, but he was actually funnier in real life than the comedians could be. We didn’t have to write anything, because you could just read the headlines and they were funny enough. I felt like anything I was doing with him on stage was just redundant.”

Here on Arts Desk, there’s a new installment of Fare Assessment—and a response to Fare Assessment (from a certain party that was Fare Assessed)! We like Sex Worker and have the details on the new HR-57.

Enjoy your Tuesday!