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How anyone keeps a new record label afloat in 2010 is beyond me, but the former drummer of the recently disbanded The Points, Travis Jackson, seems to be doing it right. Windian Records hones in on no-bullshit, party-loving punk and keeps pressing small runs of high-caliber wax for their lo-fi rock and roll. Today, five new singles hit the shelves, and if you joined the label’s new subscription series, you’re getting the tracks on very limited colored vinyl. No doubt it’s a niche market, but Windian sure knows how to make their 7-inch collectors feel special.

This batch features new music from D.C.’s Maybe, Babyn along with M.O.T.O. from Chicago, San Diegans Jungle Fever, Lover!, and Superdestroyers from New Orleans. They’re all strong tracks, but the most ferocious of the bunch has got to be Jungle Fever’s “Cryin’ Blood.” Clocking in at just over one minute, the female-fronted trio gets in and out in record time and doesn’t bother with bridges. The verse-chorus-verse-chorus attack relies on conviction, confidence, and sheer velocity, none of which are in short supply. Preview the track below and head over to Windian to pick up a copy and join the singles club.

LISTEN: Jungle Fever – Cryin’ Blood