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D.C.’s cultural chasm certainly was not devoid of noise this week. But the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang does not necessarily care about the loudest noises. Whispers, farts, thuds, hisses, barks, kisses, moans—it all matters.

“SELF’s message that small steps can add up to major change really resonates with the power base here in D.C.” “I hoped they would see me as an independent journalist and release me. Instead, they thought, ‘You must be worth a lot of money.'”
Are you the next Todd Savitch? Draus: “U aint a boss till youve mixed a record butt ass nekkid in ur living room”
Your head is already filled with zombies, so they don’t need to show you any zombies “Imagine if the TV Academy announced that its next Primetime Emmy Awards would be hosted by Kim Kardashian and one of the zombies from ‘The Walking Dead.’ Yeah – it’s kinda like that.”
Subtle sibilants One dog is lookin’ one way, and the other dog is lookin’ the other way
“She says her upcoming album is sexier and draws on new hobbies like belly dancing and playing the drums.” “I think we were sort of regarded as dorks by the local bands”
John Foster: “Why do half the guys in WWE have the sides of their hair shaved or faded up like it was 1992? What year was shaving your chest ‘in’?” Will Eastman: “Got iced with a six pack and DJ’d with frosting all over my face. Ima get naked next.”
“Manic, ominous music grows underneath until it all culminates with a claustrophobic climax about hating home.” “I’d like to be a living legend instead of a dead legend.”
Kool Robb: “when you hear sex noise, do you walk closer, or try to avoid it?” “This Hanukkah event crams thousands of young, horny, single Jewish professionals into bars on the Hill, for charity.”
“then the delusions kick in, bodies morph, blood gushes, and you realize you’re not exactly in for Mickey Rourke in a tutu” “He didn’t play with his teeth or behind his head like Zakk did the last time I saw Ozzy, but it was nice to hear a different style of guitarist up there shredding (and none of those pig squeal things Zakk does every fucking 5 seconds).”
“A subtle, insinuating sound design ‘that would seep into your subconscious’ will underscore the telling.” “It’s not about putting down Catholicism … They’re making it an anti-Christmas show and it’s just not true. They knew that would scare everyone as much as possible.”
“The weekend ends as it began: Nothing is solved; life goes on.” “This is a bantamweight drama from a heavyweight dramatist, and it’s hard to figure how it could have seemed any less redonkulous in 1937 than it does now.”