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It’s hard to write a lede for D.C.’s The Caribbean. They’re an extraordinarily interesting band, but they aren’t all that young, hip, or fucked up. The ever-complex, highly thoughtful music they make isn’t headline-grabbing, but it’s remarkably well-crafted and entirely worth your patient consideration. “Mr. Let’s Find Out,” the band’s new single from its forthcoming LP, Discontinued Perfume, is no exception. Chords change in strange, potentially jarring ways, but beneath an amiable jumble of echoes and warm string snippets and short, quietly reversed riffs. If you can follow Michael Kentoff‘s rambling lyrical logic, it’s like a trippy, esoteric journey that still feels domestic: pop music without over-the-top hooks, reaching toward artier substance without running away from accessible song structures.

Discontinued Perfume comes out February 22nd on Home Tapes.

LISTEN: The Caribbean – Mr. Let’s Find Out