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Joe Jonas is a Top Chef fan. Then again, who isn't?

Our own Michael J. West caught up with HR-57 owner Tony Puesan last night, who said the jazz club would be out of its 14th Street digs on December 18. Puesan estimates that HR-57 will be opening in its new location at 816 H St. NE in mid-January.

Well, that was short-lived. After My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy debuted at number one last week, Kanye West has been bumped all the way back to number seven on the Billboard charts. Susan Boyle has regained the top spot with The Gift, which has been out for a month.

The hotly anticipated (by me, anyway) Michelle WilliamsRyan Gosling vehicle Blue Valentine now has an R-rating instead of NC-17 after Harvey Weinstein himself appealed to the appealed to the Motion Picture Association of America. The film, which opens Dec. 31 and examines the the relationship between a husband and wife over throughout the years, has been generating some serious Oscar buzz.Top Chef All-Stars time! Teen dream Joe Jonas made a guest appearance last night, judging the cheftestants’ efforts at creating kiddie cuisine for a youth overnight at the American Museum of Natural History. He couldn’t decide between Spike and Tiffani, so the two chefs chose teams from the entire cast and set about replicating their snacks for 150 overnighters. Tiffani took it with her take on a Moon Pie, and had the “advantage” of choosing between meat, eggs, and cheese or grains, fruits, and vegetables when cooking breakfast for the kids and their parents the next morning. She chose the former set of ingredients, and was shocked when her team’s pantry didn’t include anything other than animal by-products.

Team Vegetarian was deemed to be more successful, with Richard, Angelo, and Spike earning top honors for their banana parfait. After a heated encounter with the judges, Jen was sent packing for her rubbery, underseasoned bacon with barely perceptible eggs, while her cooking partner Jamie remained safe after skipping most of the challenge to receive a mere two stitches in here thumb. Crazy season it’s shaping up to be!