HO HO WHO?: The English duo The Boy Least Likely To shatter conventional notions of twee acceptability. The band’s precious lyrics and generous helpings of  glockenspiel are enough to induce a Benjamin Button-like regression, exploring as they do the nuances of playground politics and monsters under the bed. The group’s just released its third album, Christmas Special, because some of our favourite songs are Christmas songs. They make me so happy and so sad sometimes too,” according to their website. Mothers lock up your sensitive daughters!

THE BEST (CHRISTMAS) PARTY EVER: “George and Andrew” dreams up the biggest Christmas miracle of them all: The reunion of Wham! members George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley! (The Sleigher didn’t know his name, either.) Using two wayward pop stars as an excuse to reminisce, “George and Andrew” is about the one special night a year when you meet up with high-school friends to drink and quote Half Baked. If “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” comes on the jukebox, all the better.

THERE’S NOT ENOUGH PUNCH IN THE BOWL: Still, The Boy Least Likely To actually spent time and energy recording a song about Wham! reuniting on Christmas. The chorus, “Christmas time, its nice to get together with your friends/especially the friends that you don’t get to see much anymore” is clunky to read and sounds even even worse repeated ad nauseam . Also, remember how getting together with the ol’ bros takes all of 30 seconds to lose its novelty? This song will remind you.

HOLIDAY CHEER FACTOR: 2/10. As someone who normally gives The Boy Least Likely To a hefty benefit of the doubt, “George and Andrew” is a thin conceit lazily drawn out to the tune of a third rate “Last Christmas.”

WATCH: The Boy Least Likely To – “George and Andrew”