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Gentle readers, today Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here to warn you not to reflect too much upon 2010. Nostalgia generally is for suckers. You’ll thank us for saying it now, rather than three weeks from now. And while you’re striving to avoid suckerishness, we’ve got the usual dose of cool-ish shit and hot-ish shit.

DEAR ZOMBIES: PLEASE UNITE AND EAT THE SANTAS. THANK YOU. “That shit was so traumatic that I couldn’t play ‘Legend of Zelda’ for like 3-5 days”
“some have accused me of being a card-carrying member of the John Birch Society, while others think I’m somewhere to the left of Karl Marx” “Starr’s push-polling e-mail offered a carrot to those who are sympathetic to her agenda as well as a stick to those who might prefer not to respond.”
“Yes, all those tired cliches you’ve heard about how jazz bridges the gaps and brings people together turn out to be true.” Yet another example of the fine line between “hot dang” and “ew, yo”
The toughest job that Sarah Godfrey ever loved Judah: “I wonder if bammas in other cities ride around with christmas ornaments on the front of their cars like DC, MD and VA folks”
“It definitely got kicked in the ass after Shat Shorts.” “It’s definitely gay-orientated and it can get kind of gross.”
Jayson Werth greets Teddy “I figured we should all live the Albert Haynesworth lifestyle and see how we feel the next day”
“the kitsch colors and swirling lines lift a mountain view into magical other-wordliness” “I kind of resisted musicals forever, because everyone loves musicals, you know what I mean?”
“The lyrics differ – a little – but the melody of these dirges doesn’t change: existential angst gliding along one spare, cool paragraph after another, like a Giacometti statue strutting out of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.” Jessica Hollingshead: “Spent $7,000 on Rare Books today = job well done. I wish I got kudos in my personal life for spending so much money.”
“When it comes to pungent, sex-drenched, nekkidness-obsessed theatrical tomfoolery that often turns out to have an actual point, nobody has ever done it better than Cherry Red Productions” “She points to her breasts with rehearsed self-pity.”
Marcus Dowling: ” ‘Yep, I’d still have sex with Grace Jones.’ – Me to a friend.” “We defintely wanted to show the condoms.”