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Good morning, D.C.!

TBD recaps who did what about the Portrait Gallery drama over the weekend. Maura Judkis also has this: “In a letter to Secretary Wayne Clough, President Joel Wachs stated that the Warhol Foundation has given more than $375,000 to fund several exhibitions at various Smithsonian institutions. “We cannot stand by and watch the Smithsonian bow to the demands of bigots who have attacked the exhibition out of ignorance, hatred and fear,” says the letter. In the Portrait Gallery’s annual report for 2009, the Warhol Foundation was listed as one of the museum’s top donors. But the institution’s official statement is that it ain’t no thang.

DCist lurks DC9’s website and reports that the club will reopen tomorrow evening, Dec. 15. But, an important caveat: “The latest estimate of when the District’s Office of the Attorney General might get the results of the medical examiner’s report on Mohammed’s death is January 19. The club’s operation could conceivably be affected by the findings of that report.”

NBC Washington has a video of Tom Sherwood airing the Festivus Grievances out of Adams Morgan. No love, baby. We Love DC determines that A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics at Woolly Mammoth is, well, very good.

Here on Arts Desk, we find out that Gawker users really love Fugazi. The Brothers Scheuerman (Deleted Scenes, Army of Me) are, like many families, bringing it together in time for the holidays. And, can’t forget about the awesomeness that is “Bad Santa,” as reviewed by The Sleigher

Enjoy your Tuesday!