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HO HO WHO?: Celebrating its 10th year as a band , Sunderland’s post-punk revivalists The Futureheads recorded the holiday single “Christmas Was Better in the ’80s,” capping off a busy year that included the release of  its fourth full-length, The Chaos.

THE 1980s ARE THE SOLUTION: The realization that Christmas morning ain’t what it used to be is a bitter pill, as visions of Nintendo games and action figures (er, dolls) are gradually replaced with socks and iTunes gift cards. The Futureheads long for better days and they’re here to harmonize about it.

THE 1980s ARE THE PROBLEM: Those who’ve seen Love Actually—-yes, that includes The Sleigher—-know that  having the Christmas No. 1 single is a big deal in the U.K. (except for last year). The Futureheads, perhaps in an effort to realize its 1980s dream to reach the Top of the Pops, pulled together this limp C-side in which singer Barry Hyde tries to pass off his warbled enunciation of “1980s” as a chorus. Cue the chimes; Hallelujah!

CHEER FACTOR: 3/10.  This idea, weak as it is, would have been far more amusing if The Futureheads chose to profess its love of the 1970s, a period that, by all accounts, was rather formative for the band. Either way, The Sleigher isn’t sure he can get behind yearning for one’s childhood when you’re midway through your 30s. Sure, the toys were kinda cool but wasn’t  the U.K.  kind of a bummer back then?

WATCH: The Futureheads “Christmas was better in the ’80s”