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No deep reflections or wise words this week. Just housekeeping: If one of your tweets has been immortalized in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you are forever a member of the Twitter list. YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE CULTURAL ELITE. Be cool about it, OK?

“I get a lot of compliments on my female figures” “Though the chorus of harpies are effective but interchangeable no-names, the mom, the bro, and the skank are likely Oscar contenders”
Ryan Little: “Today I realized, for better or worse, I am Sam’s Dad from Clarissa Explains It All.” Growing up in Bethesda leads to murderous thoughts about Yogi
“For just as Baudelaire was racked by that combination of melancholy, disgruntlement and boredom that he called “Spleen,” so Leopardi constantly suffers its Italian equivalent, “Noia,” the void or emptiness within.” “It’s about my shitty granddad”
“During concerts, he simply paints.” [the tweet formerly in this space has since been redacted by Tyler Green]
IT’S (a) BACK Government Issue @ the Black Cat
“I’ve left myself precious little room to celebrate the comic genius of Hollis Resnik, who manages to be funny with her buttocks, her ankles, the laces of a corset, and the occasional strategically crossed eye.” “Allow me to apply some ointment to our many probe marks and ask a small favor from the Gray Lady’s staff: Could you please stop rubbing our noses in our inferiority?”
“I remember the yellow and black outfits, and the shoes that were mismatched, with a yellow shoe on one foot, and then a black on the other” “Only in Jackson’s pop kingdom can such disgusting practices fly.”
All this for a Death Wish 2 reference Take that original Tron DVD to the bank
“It’s very obsessive compulsive work.” “To some, a gingerbread house is a harsh reminder of the home they no longer have, but for others, it’s just icing and candy and graham crackers.”
Y’know the scene in Clerks where they talk about the workers on the Death Star? This is kinda like that. “If you want to go out the door totally ragged and mismatched, it doesn’t bother me in the least; if you want to bring that same mindset to slathering craptastic collages all over your brilliant music – then you clearly want to see a hulking man break down and weep before you.”