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This is what grups look like when they read Pitchfork.

Someone sent us a list from the Tumblr of Gentleman’s Quarterly yesterday. The list is called: “Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Political Hacks’ Best Music of 2010 Lists.” The lists are authored almost exclusively by white people who probably own expensive headphones. It is mostly “Arcade Fire” written over and over again.

The list was assembled by Wonkette emeritus and Air America survivor Ana Marie Cox, who works for GQ now. This list is proof that AMC has a bunch of grups in her rolodex.

A “grup” is a grownup who reads Pitchfork/buys the same MP3s as people who are in college for the first time.

Let’s explore/hate on the list.

The Big Winners: Arcade Fire (11 mentions), Kanye West (8 mentions), Sleigh Bells (7 mentions), The National (6 mentions), Robyn (5 mentions), LCD Soundsystem (5 mentions) Beach House (4 mentions), Superchunk (4 mentions), Best Coast (4 mentions), Joanna Newsom (4 mentions), The New Pornographers (4 mentions).

Average Pitchfork score for the most recent album by each of the above mentioned artists: 8.7545

Mean Pitchfork score:8.7

Median Pitchfork score:8.65

Artist who did not make the cut that should have: Cee Lo Green (0 mentions).

Artist who made the cut but should not have: Vampire Weekend (3 mentions).

Most earnest pick: The Nation‘s Chris Hayes, who is going to put an Arcade Fire lyric in his book about politics:

Album of the Year has to go to (surprise!) Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. There are so any beautiful, wrenching, sweeping, gorgeous moments on this album I can’t list them all. That line about how receiving letters: “what’s stranger still is how something so small can keep you alive.” And “when we watched the markets crash, the promises we made were torn” which i’m using as an epigraph in my book for the chapter on bailouts and the social contract. It’s a big amibitious albume that captures where we are at the end of this low dishonest decade.

Of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Hayes writes, “Not an original pick, and I actually think the rhymes are pretty weak on some tracks, but it’s the best produced hip hop album since The Chronic 2001 IMHO. The first single, Power just won’t stop psyching me up.” Stay psyched, Chris!

Most obscure pick:There are no b-sides anymore and bootlegs are like herpes on the Internet (everyone has them), so it is more difficult than ever to be the guy who has heard something that most people have not. WCP‘s own Mike Madden is that guy! Madden listed as one of his favorite songs: “The Connoisseurs Present Wali AKA Big Wax feat. Weensy of Backyard Band, ‘Don’t Leave Us Fenty,’ a song anyone who wrote about D.C. politics had stuck in their head all summer despite its COMPLETELY ABSURD LYRICS AND VIDEO, produced by, and featuring an appearance by, Adrian Fenty crony Ron Moten.” Nice.

General nature of the list: Sad/emo/hipster/blah.

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