Morning, folks! And happy holiday hangover!

Some Christmas leftovers: Sufjan Stevens teams up with the brothers Dressner on a few more Xmas tracks. You can get ’em here. Also, TBD has a roundup of film-based skirmishes in a War on Christmas of sorts (though not the one Bill O’Reilly et al. or That Guy Who Used to Be On “Married… With Children” are yammering about). Also, if you missed Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and/or Jack Black and Jason Segel reprising that old Bing Crosby/David Bowie caroling bit from 1977, they’re worth your time.


Like any good Coen Brothers votary, I saw True Grit. I have to break from Riggs and Freed: I thought it was merely OK. The characters were fun (not Oscar-worthy, though: God love Jeff Bridges, but if he wins best actor I’ll eat my stetson), but it wasn’t quite weird enough, or lovable enough, or existentially harrowing enough to earn a spot in my personal Coen Brothers canon. WaPo’s Ann Hornaday disagrees with me: She puts True Grit at No. 8. Then again, Hornaday has The Big Lebowski at No. 11, A Serious Man at No. 12, and No Country for Old Men second-to-last at No. 14, so I think it’s safe to say that she and I will never be recommended to one another by any algorithm-based dating service.

TBD reports that the new ownership of Love, the nightclub in Northeast, is going to be kicking off its live music sked in style, with Chris Brown headlining its New Year’s Eve show, possibly with support from Wale. Beltway political writers will not be in attendance, however: They only listen to pop music that cracks an 8/10 on Pitchfork and goes with an NPR tote bag.

Why yes, of course there’s an update on the “Hide/Seek” debacle! The City Paper‘s intrepid Kriston Capps piggybacks on Phillip Kennicott‘s WaPo essay arguing for the resignation of Wayne Clough, the secretary of the Smithsonian, for removing a video from an exhibit depicting a crucifix covered in ants after the museum got a bunch of letters from God- Bill Donahue-fearing Bill Donahue disciples who had not actually been to the exhibit. Conservatives call the video anti-Christian; Advocates for the video call its removal anti-gay and anti-art.

Me? I think both are anti-ant.

Happy New Year!