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Schiffer Books has released the cover and details for Lenny Campello‘s forthcoming 100 Artists of Washington, D.C., the subject of a July arts feature and some subsequent debate that appeared in comments here and over at Campello’s blog. The most controversial aspect of that debate (if you ask me) was my editors’ decision to publish a rebuttal from Campello that took the form of a top-to-bottom rewrite of my story.

It won’t piss off Campello if we just talk about the cover, right? It features artists—artists from the Washington area. I count 18 of them! The book also features a fairly dense three illustrations per page on average, unless he’s paring that number down.

I can’t name all the artists on the cover (I’m stumped by four of them). At a glance, the emphasis seems to be on older artists who were most active in the early 90s.