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Ever wanted to hire J. Robbins‘ new band, Office of Future Plans, to record a cover of your favorite song? Well, now that dream is a reality… if you’ve got an extra $1,000 hidden under your mattress.

Office of Future Plans is readying its debut 7-inch, and the band has launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover some of the costs for producing the single’s initial run of 500 copies. It’s a two-song release: On the A-side is an original song called “Harden Your Heart,” while a cover of the Stranglers’ “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” rests on the B-side. OFP hopes to reach its goal of $2,550 in 22 days so they can release the 7-inch the same week the group opens for The Dismemberment Plan at the 9:30 Club on Jan. 23.

While the first recorded songs from the new J. Robbins project are exciting enough, the rewards OFP is offering are outstanding on their own. Besides the usual schwag—-digital and physical copies of the 7-inch, stickers, and a t-shirt—-the band is offering a slew of personalized prizes. OFP cellist Gordon Withers will add cello tracks to “a song of your choice” for $100, or OFP drummer Darren Zentek will give you a lesson behind the kit for the same price; for $500, you get a day in Robbins’ recording studio, Magpie Cage, and either Withers, Zentek, or OFP multi-instrumentalist Brooks Harlan will accompany your session for a few hours; and, for an additional $500, you get the studio day and the band will record a cover song.

But that sweet $1,000 prize does have a disclaimer: “Additionally, the cover song is subject to negotiation. We’re open to most anything, but we won’t be re-arranging an hour-long piece for gamelan orchestra, for instance.” Sounds like Ke$ha is still on the table, then…