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It’s like sports radio up in here, kids! I called Darwin Deez‘s debut a “happy little turd” and said it was the worst album that I downloaded this year. He responded with the following comment:

sometimes you disregard an artist at first, but then you come around to really love them. it happened to me this year with st vincent’s latest record. it’s actually way more exciting when the fondness for certain music comes about that way. because then you get this feeling like they’re showing you something so completely new (for a change) on account of how you were so blind to its value hitherto. ‘n shit. p.s. regarding dischord lyrics, i worshipped that first q & not u record, but i always felt locked out by its obtuse lyrics. i think that’s part of why mine are so clear!

I would not have been so classy. Rock critics are scum! Let the record show, however, that I got Darwin Deez from eMusic, which is *almost* like paying for it. So this was not beef for beef’s sake.

NOTE: Mr. Deez obviously has some fight in him. That Q And Not U dis is the kind of thing that turns shit into a “Beat It” video real quick. If you’re reading this, Chris Richards, I think it’s time for a STREET WAR.