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Welcome to the new Thunderdome! And I don’t (just) mean the imminent swearing-in of the 112th Congress. Even WMATA is managing to top itself beyond employees using the tracks at the Mt. Vernon stop as a toilet. Just ask those intrepid arts reporters. ArtInfo blogger and Caps enthusiast Tyler Green was bounced from the Gallery Place station last night for reacting to someone else’s bad behavior. And TBD’s Sarah Godfrey has seen much worse from Metro riders.

Speaking of hockey and bad decisions, Green wrote yesterday about a collection of great moments in Buffalo Sabres history at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo. Maybe it’s because it’s an assortment of sports photos in an art museum or maybe because Green can’t stomach the Sabres, but “this stuff isn’t art.”

Our old colleague Dave Nuttycombe isn’t giving up on his WaPo aspirations. Though he was passed over for fashion critic Robin Givhan‘s beat, he’s now gunning to replace Blake Gopnik. Is Nuttycombe ready to get hand-delivered mail from the morality guardians at the Media Research Center or have his articles flushed down the toilet by a priest, as TBD’s Maura Judkis reminds us has happened to Gopnik? Nuttycombe makes his case on the YouTubes, showing off his personal art collection that includes a black velvet Elvis painting and a Greedo action figure, though City Lights Editor Erin Petty takes issue with his sartorial choices for the video plea.

Meanwhile, the Corcoran Gallery of Art is still bleeding money, though its financial struggles predate the recession. WaPo‘s Jacqueline Trescott reports the museum has brought on Toronto-based consultants Lord Cultural Resources to right the ship.

Bodily fluids all over the Metro! Hockey in an art gallery! Broke museums! Glenn Close appearing in those freaky Navy videos! It’s a mad, mad world out there, but at least the Mansion at Grey Goose is still with us.