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Ginuwine: Not just selling albums anymore.

Hello, Arts Desk readers! Well, I thought we were out of the holiday arts doldrums, but it turns out it’s not so. The arts scene still seems to be a bit slow. Nevertheless, I’ve scoured the web for the new and noteworthy. And at least last night’s episode of Top Chef was new.

Riding the box office success of high-minded adult dramas—not to mention gain a little Oscar momentum—the New York Times reports that The Social Network will be reappearing at a theater near you. It’s about to break $200 million at the box office worldwide. I know the film is currently still showing at West End Cinema; I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t seen it, and it’s definitely been on my to-do list for about two months.

So, it happened yesterday. John Boehner was officially elected speaker of the House. My prediction? Despite the “Hide/Seek” debacle at the National Portrait Gallery, it’ll actually be a fruitful few years for art. Art always thrives in times of adversity, right?

Now that we’re no longer able to buy Four Loko, what are some of the other sickly sweet alcoholic beverages available (other than Apple Pucker)? The R&B singer Ginuwine is hawking the 40 proof Adult Chocolate Milk. The beverage’s slogan? “Re-Taste Your Youth at 40 Proof.” I’ve got to admit, it sounds kind of delicious.

Top Chef All-Stars time! So, last night, in the quickfire, Tom Colicchio proved he’s a really good cook. He wowed the cheftestants by executing a solid dish in a mere eight minutes and 37 seconds, and then challenged them to do the same. Mike Isabella won, winning not only immunity but a new Toyota Prius. Pretty awesome prize. But he better enjoy it, because it’ll probably be his only win all season.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs took over service at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. Asian experts Dale and Angelo immediately felt at ease; Dale even went so far as to say, “This is my challenge to lose.” Most of the chefs struggled to keep up with demand, plating fussily as hungry diners walked out. Casey and Tiffany D. had he added burden of pushing the carts around in the front of the house in addition to creating a dish of their own. Jamie, per usual, had a bad day, flubbing not one but two dishes. (Jamie? Took on two dishes? What?!)

But ultimately Casey went home for her improperly cooked chicken feet. At least it doesn’t sound like it was a factor of her not being in the kitchen to oversee preparation of her food—the dish seemed to be poorly conceived right from the start. And Dale had good reason to be confident: He did in fact win the challenge. He wasn’t awarded a prize, though—perhaps a reflection of the overall weak performances? He’s already netted a trip to New Zealand, though, so you can’t feel too bad for the guy.