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I have a feeling that this kind of thing happens every single day in the Christian rock world. And it probably happens relatively often on Craigslist. But for today, right now, it’s entertaining. (And if you’re looking for some sort of in-depth analysis of Christian-rock message-board trolls, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m merely passin’ along a nugget.) Anyway, here’s what I know:

Somebody posted this on a list for Northern Virginia musicians:

We are a busy christian rock band who is getting ready to release an EP produced by a grammy nominated producer. We are looking for a lead guitar player and bass player serious about putting on a rock show. We do play some christian venues, however, we are not “bible thumpers” so we are totally open to having an open-minded non-believer who just wants to rock hard. we are all under 30 and believe me, we can bring the show. also looking at touring in the summer. if you are at all interested, or want to hear some tunes, let me know.

And then somebody posted this (but it since has been deleted):

Sounds like to me your really not truly a Christian band at all. A true Christian band knows that the focus is not on themselves, even though yes you have to put on a good show. The focus should be on Christ letting people know how He can change their lives. You can do that without having to be a ‘Bible Thumper’. If you don’t care if all members in your band are Christians, then you really shouldn’t be calling yourself a Christian band. You should just be another secular band that just sings positive lyrics that are politically correct and hoping they don’t offend anyone. And no I am not looking down my nose at you. Just reinforcing hopefully what the Holy Spirit is saying to you deep down inside if your a child of God. If I got you wrong then I apologize, but I only have your posting to go by.

Tough crowd! What about the fact that the first dude doesn’t capitalize christian or bible? Maybe he (or she) is a SATANIST.

Oh wait, it keeps going—the hater gets hated on:

Sounds to me like you are, in fact, looking down your nose at these guys. I’m Jewish, and am every bit as much a “child of G-d” as you are. If they want to call themselves a Christian band, then so be it. Maybe you ought to learn something about music and religion itself before you so quickly judge others (and should know that you have sinned by judging others). Airhead!!!

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