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In what might be the first example of a band attempting Moombahton—that explosively nascent genre blending Dutch house music with reggaeton—True Womanhood released today the debut track from their Reel Too Real series of recordings made with a vintage 8-track reel-too-reel machine the duo of Thomas Redmond and Noam Elsner recently restored.

The aggressive beat that opens “Minajah” will be familiar to anyone who’s seen True Womanhood perform live, though rather than use the Abelton mixing software favored by many electronic artists, Redmond told the City Paper in an e-mail that they attempted to make electronic music using their instruments patched through an array of effects pedals. The resulting song is a success by that metric. At perhaps 107 or 108 beats per minute, “Minajah” moves as fast as anything they’ve recorded. Redmond’s synthesizer and Elsner’s drum set run through that 8-track mixer have no trouble mimicking computerized DJ stylings, including a split-second full stop about three minutes into the song.

A note about that synthesizer. When True Womanhood purchased the device at the Guitar Center store in Rockville last August, they encountered Stevie Wonder, who congratulated them on their choice of instrument and offered a friendly handshake. “His magic apparently rubbed off,” Redmond tells Arts Desk. “We are not kidding…his hands smell like sandalwood.”

LISTEN: “Minajah” by True Womanhood