Good morning, D.C.!

Yesterday, DCist reported that our fair city has topped the literacy rankings distributed by Central Connecticut State University (part of the metric put us at the top of Internet resources, too. Fancy, huh?). The caveat? “The CCSU study is inherently skewed against low-income areas, where bookstores are rare and access to the Internet isn’t quite as universal as more affluent sections of town. Also, Washington’s ‘education’ ranking is grossly ignorant of the struggles that District educators have at teaching reading at the elementary level and middle school levels…”

From TBD comes a forecast for this year’s round of Wammies (that’s Washington Area Music Awards). In case you were wondering, Constitution Hall is not too small for Janet Jackson. The History Channel might’ve killed its show about the Kennedys, which starred Greg Kinnear as JFK Katie Holmes as Jackie O, for a number of reasons, but Ryan Kearney suspects it’s because “the History Channel realized that no one in their right (or left) mind would want to spend eight hours hearing Kinnear mangle the Boston accent or watching Holmes contort her lips” (click through for videos of the never-to-be-seen The Kennedys). And, the 1490 Playbill Cafe—which, apparently, so strongly exudes the atmosphere of “theatre people” that out-of-towners knew exactly where to go to sate those performance needs—needs a new home (but the owner is a bit picky).

ReadySet DC reviews that Polaroid exhibit at Sova (yeah, it actually looks pretty cool…) and Click Track reviews Yoro Ndiaye at Millennium Stage.

Unrelated: Anteaters!!

Here on Arts Desk, we reviewed an opera that should, hopefully, make you forget that you’re watching an opera, noted some of the downsides to the Wammies, and took a peek at Artisphere’s new director.

Enjoy your Tuesday!