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SNOW FALLING ON WEED TREE “I had a first husband who was embarrassing. Cute enough to marry, but embarrassing enough to divorce five years later.”
Cortez: “you know you listen to old music when niggas asking chicks for 7 digits in the song” “WAMA needs these experts because, frankly, numerous musicians and others do not see the organization or its Wammies as being valuable, and therefore do not want to join and nominate artists themselves.”
“It’s gotta be cool to sit back and say, ‘I can quantitatively look back at every point I’ve scored.'” “Instead, I learned how to play guitar and started playing punk rock, and have no Wikipedia entry to call my own—only tears.”
Why Bobcat Goldthwait is appearing at the Arlington Cinema & Draft House Why Constitution Hall isn’t too small for a Janet Jackson show
“Curiously, bigwigs from the medical profession seem to have the least to offer on the what-it-all-means tip.” “It’s finally happened: Two rich guys extravagantly bragging about how great they are has actually gotten old.”
“They had this Technicolor, DayGlo, ultra-colorful sound that contrasted with gun-metal-gray tonalities of the time, particularly in D.C.” “The Green Hornet, the superdude, is kind of a dick.”
“It involves flamingos and smoke machines.” “Howard Fineman’s hair. Prostitution in Washington. Hoecakes. Weight loss.”
Shelby Cinca: “Nothing like emailing a thereminist and then getting a .wav of theremin playing back.” LunchBox Theory: “someone on my floor is making beats. quite possibly the most overrated process to overhear”
“hootie hoo” “You might hate porn, you might LOVE porn, we don’t really give a shit. It’s out there, deal with it.”