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Nervous children making millions: you owe it all to them
Power trios with big-ass deals: you opened for it then
I can see, I can see, I can see it all with my one good eye
For a start take two grant harts and call me when you die
—-“Grant Hart,” The Posies

Grant Hart, the drummer, co-writer, and co-founder of Hüsker Dü, writes some of the finest pop songs you’ve probably never heard. Where Hüsker’s sound was a melodic slap of harsh sonics, Hart’s solo work concentrates more on catchy pop hooks and wordplay. Armed with just his electric guitar, he ran through songs like “Green Eyes,” “You’re a Victim,” “The Main,” and others at his Crooked Beat in-store last night. Hart may look like the devil on his right shoulder beat up the angel on his left a few times over the years, but when he opened his mouth to sing his vulnerable and beautiful songs, it was obvious that the angel should never, ever be counted out.

More photos from the show can be seen here.