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Maybe you’ve been seeing this guy for a while now, and you’re ready to go to the next level. Perhaps your beautiful, young wife has been away for work, and upon her return, it’s time for an altogether different business. Hell, maybe it’s your 60th anniversary and you’re ready to get seriously freaky. Whatever the occasion, you want some sweaty jams to prep for your love’s consummation. You need songs that drip with desire. Marvin Gaye and Al Green are great and all, but you’ve worn those LPs thin. Here are three alternatives to “Let’s Get It On.”

Prince‘s music is made of sex. Your first instinct might be to go with his classic ’80s repertoire, and that wouldn’t be wrong, but 2006’s “Black Sweat” is nothing to balk at either. The song is pure lust: The ultra-minimal beat and understated delivery underscore desire without going overboard.

Maybe lesbian robots just aren’t what you’re into. Then again, maybe they are what you’re into. In that case, Bjork‘s video for “All Is Full of Love” totally has you covered. The surreal song is slow, sensual, some of Bjork’s best work, and ought to get the night moving in the right direction.

If there’s any rock band in D.C. that is all about setting the mood just right, it’s Poor But Sexy. With “Cut That Hair,” singer David Brown reminds you to look sharp and get classy. If you want a lover to treat you right, you gotta look good. If you can find a ticket, be sure and catch them opening for The Dismemberment Plan at the 9:30 Club this Saturday. Otherwise, you can catch them tonight at The Galaxy Hut.