In case you were wondering, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is eternal, and therefore it cannot retire. So in 2021, when you’re reflecting on the excellently formative things of your mental youth, Far Out vs. Hot Dang will not be among them, because it will not have gone away. We’ll be there in the Thunderdome, right beside you.

“I am a huge, lifelong comic book and superhero fan. This comes from a place of self-investigation, not external criticism.” “If you stray even a little bit from the code, or, maybe more accurately, are perceived as having strayed from the code, there’s a portion of the community that will crucify you.”
J. Robbins: young nerd Bear Witnez: “Everytime I see Terminator Salvation on TV, it’s always a scene i’ve never seen before. How many times did I fall asleep on this movie???”
“I was not aware that the collapse of our manufacturing base had gone that far.” “What Campello didn’t expect was that a man would point a finger at him, and fire it like a gun.”
“Nobody anticipated we’d still be struggling with the recession.” “One thing he didn’t lay out: How the city will pay for that vision.”
“Somehow, rock-and-roll became the security blanket that would protect us from this accelerating horde of American bummers.” “Today, an arts leader must be prepared to protect his institution from the structural asymmetry of politics, and in particular the asymmetrical warfare that the contemporary conservative right has down to an art.”
“Manley nods at yoga-friendly New Age and utilizes an open-tuned acoustic guitar atop the sound of waves crashing on the beach. If that sounds ridiculous, well, it is.” John Foster: “My kids choral concert sounded just like Fleet Foxes, only super boring. So, you know, EXACTLY like Fleet Foxes.”
“It was a weird e-mail. Both coy and cloying. But clever.” Somewhere, somebody is blaming 9/11 for the fact that this is going straight to cable
“You need to peep all the stuff these puppets generate.” Joke rappers have the same problems that all rappers do