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Good morning, D.C.!

Even though Dismemberment Plan Holiday Weekend concluded on Sunday night, yesterday was the day of post-mortems. You may have noticed plenty here on Arts Desk, but TBD, We Love DC, Click Track, and DCist also got in the game.

Remember when someone spilled McDonald’s coffee on themselves, and sued the company? TBD has a clip of a documentary made by a trial lawyer concerning the case. Though a film about spilled coffee seems almost as silly as a lawsuit about spilled coffee, lawyer Susan Saladoff has her reasons: “Though Liebeck vs. McDonald’s was mocked in the press and manipulated by corporations seeking tort reform, Saladoff says the case wasn’t nearly as frivolous as it was portrayed.”

Click Track looks into five highly entertaining festival feuds, ex. Kanye vs. Coachella: “Like seemingly everything Kanye West does, the announcement that the controversial rapper was going to headline April’s Coachella festival caused a pop cultural kerfuffle. Many online commenters went so far as to say they would boycott the festival as a result.” Read more here (hint: There’s lots more Ye for you).

DCist is completely unfazed by an intelligent hawk, and We Love DC profiles Virginia-bred comedian Brian Kerns.

Here on Arts Desk, when we weren’t talking about the Dismemberment Plan, we were talking about Washington Post galleries critic Jessica Dawson leaving the paper to assist with the Hirshhorn Bubble and Journopalooza (in photos, anyway). And—this roundup is a teensy bit late this morning, for which I apologize sincerely—as of 34 minutes ago, we’ve got a full list of Oscar nominees.

Enjoy your Tuesday!