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As if The Kingsmen were fronted by Vincent Price, The Pink Monkey Birds take their surfy garage rock and top it with former Bad Seed Kid Congo‘s oddly spoken vocals in “Rare As the Yeti.” It’s a relatively simple, lo-fi track, with some occasional theramin and organ for a faux-creepy effect, and the vocals set the “Monster Mash”-like tone. Lyrically, it’s a strange trip through a throw-back mentality, but without much of a comprehensible narrative. Imagine The Munsters take on “My Funny Valentine,” parsed into an sparse word-association game, and you’re basically in the ballpark. The video showcases a number of local talents—-video artist Rob Parish utilizes Spencer Bewley projections along with footage from a local Civilian Arts Project happening, featuring dancer Anna Copa Cabanna—-to make for an absurd, Yeti-laden dance party.