If it’s Wednesday, there must be a wintry mix on the ground. Seriously, this has happened a few times now. The Jersey Shore freaks get a trip to Italy and we’re stuck with this icy, slushy crap?

On TBD, Maura Judkis talks to a pair of San Francisco curators working on a compendium of all blog posts, news items, and other errata related to the National Portrait Gallery’s “Hide/Seek” exhibit and the censoring of David Wojnarowicz‘s film A Fire in My Belly. The project’s goal is “bringing attention to other museums that deal openly with issues of gender and sexuality in art,” Alison Maurer, one of the curators of HideSeek.org, told Judkis. Maurer and her co-curator, Julia Haas, are both former students of “Hide/Seek” curator Jonathan Katz.

Still in Utah, Ryan Kearney and a new friend checked out a documentary about a mishandled chimp who resorts to “humping everything.”

Tabi Bonney has a new mixtape, Postcard From Abroad. Arts Desk warlord Jonathan L. Fischer likes most of it, namely the Cults-sampling “Outside,” but he’s less keen on the 50-second outtake “Freaky Cupcake.” Fischer enjoys his cupcakes straight-laced and buttoned-down.

We Love DC likes, but doesn’t love, the Arena Stage’s new production of The Arabian Nights. “But it’s not all perfumed nights and sensuality. There’s some castration. Oh, and a lot of farting.” Probably why WaPo‘s Peter Marks was more enthusiastic about the show on Monday.

Click Track’s Allison Stewart takes a crack at U.S. Royalty‘s album Mirrors. Her verdict on the dandyish quartet? “It wants to be the soundtrack to a freshman backpacker’s European summer vacation (as evidenced by the stately “Monte Carlo,” which takes up where Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic” left off)…It wants to propel U.S. Royalty into the ranks of famous preppy crossover bands such as Passion Pit (“Equestrian,” subtle and sublime), and it just might.” So, like Joe Warminsky wrote last week, destined for car commercials and NBC promos.

And were your Twitter feeds inundated last night with quotes from or instant reactions to the State of the Union? Y’all should have been following True Womanhood, who offered the only 140-character respite with their brilliant hashtag #indierockporno. (Hot Carl de Paris!) Heroic shit, guys.