The state of the assemblage is strong: Cultural stuff happens in Washington, people do things to elucidate that stuff, we put some of it in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, and thus your life is infinitely improved. It’s OK if the relationship is a bit “host/parasite.” We think it tickles.

“I have three hairs on my head, so I have to make the most of it.” “I told a friend if I had to do any more martial arts moves to Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair,’ I was gonna drop an elbow on my instructor’s forehead.”
“Rare as the Yeti” “Mary Zimmerman’s captivating romp contains the tale of a fart so richly, satisfyingly epic both in the farting and in the telling that it not only mortifies the guy who let it rip, but makes those bean-eating cowboys in Blazing Saddles seem downright decorous.”
“Hogg and Hughes have the makings of an art-crime support group.” “The findings indicate the health of the arts sector is at a 12-year low”
“I couldn’t believe how strongly the story drew me back to events in my own life that I hadn’t thought of for decades, tragedies that smoldered in gossip without the oxygen of any real information” “There’s an omnipresent sense of paranoia and moral ambiguity.”
At merely $100, “Michelle Rhee” is a cheap date $11,000 worth of “Fuck You”
“a very simple and in fact rather old-fashioned television series” Pro’Verb: “I’ma get a parental block on BET so my lil sister won’t be corrupted by the Niggotry. I’d rather her watch Showtime…lol.”
“It gives the opportunity for journalists to socialize and loosen up.” “As far as the whole buffoonery coonery thing goes, this definitely wasn’t that.”