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It’s not pleasant when the moment happens, but it’s important nonetheless. That small revelation. Perhaps it’s obvious to everyone else already. Perhaps they’ve been telling you all along that this wasn’t a good idea. Whether you’re coming to terms with a nasty coke habit, suddenly remembering your wife’s birthday was yesterday, or just figuring out that in general you’re kind of an asshole.The realization that you were wrong is always difficult. Here are a couple tunes to provoke that situation and guide you through it.

If you don’t want to think about it to much, maybe you just want to drink away your regrets with The Replacements. Always drunk, always direct, and always a good time. Here the band admits the obvious with “I’m In Trouble,” off their first LP.

Obvious? Maybe. Classic? Sure. Broken relationships spawn significantly more songs than anything else, but New Order lets you dance away that painful moment of recognition with “Regret.”

Local songwriter Andy Zipf doesn’t let you off the hook quite so easy. With “Lie to Yourself,” he indites you for your self-deception, and his rock and roll track begs you to come to terms with it. Become a better person, go see Andy Zipf with his new band at Black Cat on Tuesday.