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All opinions expressed or implied in Far Out vs. Hot Dang belong solely to the realm of Truth and therefore are Unassailable. If you wanna beef about that, think twice, because we’ll make you fill out forms in triplicate. Then we will shred those forms, look you in the eye, and calmly ask you, “Haven’t you gotten the message that it’s ALL LOVE, dude?”

It kinda makes Ghandi look like Yoda HELLO, GOVERNOR
“This is who we are as people—we are colors.” “As those of us who recall Action Comics Annual #3 know, this is wrong.”
“We have Mr. Yuk stickers on each of the jugs to make sure that people don’t drink it and mistake it for Kool-Aid.” They drank the KoolAid
“all through a miasma of near psychotic depression that mixes with mass murder, homelessness, the penury of a street performer, minatory hallucinations, a missing sister, an encyclopedic compendium of minutiae about old American music, and lots of despondent musings on memory and the irrevocable claims of the past, all simmering in a melancholy gallimaufry of despair.” “we are talking about finding yourself eye-to-butt with the hirstute, sweaty rear end of gangly lead ‘singer’ Ami Shalev”
“I always feel like I’m making a visit to a very wealthy great aunt’s house and that she’ll see through my attempts at etiquette and expose me as a crude being.” “I want to make your grandmother a fan of moombahton and sell her a bag of tortilla chips in the process.”
It is amazing that there are still reasons to write this many words about Gallagher “one of the douchebaggiest images ever committed to the big screen”
“Eventually we got to this and the following answers, occasionally de-clarified and obfuscated in response to follow-up questions, all heavily edited in this process, yet hopefully precise.” “It’s all very impressive. It’s also unnecessary.”
“A hail of marshmallows rains down as the alligator runs up the bank – then the empty plastic bag, then the screen lurches and goes black.” Colonel K: “my coworkers are talking about people who fart @ yoga cuz they ate a heavy meal before hand. shit is gross as hell, son.”
“I have the unmitigated gall to ask them to put their gum in a tissue. That’s horrible. I’m Hitler’s sister.” On the matter of Dan Snyder’s horns