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Morning, folks!

How will the outcome of last night’s Super Bowl affect the continuing viability of “Black and Yellow” as a club anthem? Guess it depends on how the Pirates do this year.

But enough of sport! There are important Art Things afoot!

To wit: In The Future, will art students take field trips to Google? The Google Art Project might not supplant galleries, but I certainly wouldn’t call this one based on glitches in the project’s beta version. WaPo has the lowdown.

Meanwhile, TBD pitches Hollywood on some D.C.-based T.V. shows that might actually capture the city without kowtowing to the seat-of-government trope and all its attendant cliches.

Here on Arts Desk, Andrew Noz breaks down the pros and cons of Wale’s decision to sign with Rick Ross’s new label. Among the suspected cons: “Wale’s music will likely move even further away from anything resembling a DMV aesthetic.” (Perhaps TBD could pitch Wale on album concepts that would capture that aesthetic?)

ReadySetDC reps the pop-up Museum of Censored Art, which happily does not yet include this gem.

CRITICAL THEORY BONUS! University of Virginia professor Mark Edmundson has this to say about the absence of sweetness and light atop the best-seller charts:

Media no longer seek to shape taste… It pisses off the readers. They feel insulted, condescended to; they feel dumb. And no one will pay you for making him feel dumb. Public entertainment generally works in just the opposite way—by making the consumer feel like a genius. Even the most august publications and broadcasts no longer attempt to shape taste. They merely seek to reflect it. They hold the cultural mirror up to the reader—what the reader likes, the writer and the editor like. They hold the mirror up and the reader and—what else can he do?—the reader falls in love. The common reader today is someone who has fallen in love, with himself.

Admittedly, we suck. But take heart, Dr. Edmundson: The Decemberists have the No. 1 album in the land!

Have a good day!