I don’t really follow football, but I do believe in good sportsmanship. So I’m hoping the Steelers fan who got booted for life from U Street Music Hall Saturday night is feeling extra shitty today, following the team’s 31-25 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl yesterday.

Check out this amazing series of Twitter rants from UHall co-owner and noted Packers fan Will Eastman regarding a clubgoer who interrupted Sinden‘s DJ set with repeated requests for Wiz Khalifa‘s hometown-repping “Black and Yellow,” this after it was already played once. Then the clubgoer slammed Sinden’s laptop shut.

The anti-asshole policy is one of several reasons why I love U Street Music Hall. More from Eastman:

It keeps going:

And then the next day…

It keeps going after that, but the point is it’s encouraging that the dudes behind one of the city’s best spaces have their heads in the right place. Also, if you are a dick, your team will lose in front of 1 billion television viewers.