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Good morning, D.C.!

With yesterday’s slightly warmer, slightly sunnier-than-average weather came an announcement from Fort Reno: The demo submission period begins on Feb. 14Here’s more information. Summer is coming—eventually!

DCist was on top of reporting the fire that started in a cooling tower near The National Museum of Natural History. The museum itself is OK (and so is the staff and public that had to be evacuated), and the most alarming aspect was likely the giant smoke cloud visible for miles. See also: Monotonix at Comet Ping Pong (we discussed the band in brief before their show here) and Chromeo at the 9:30 Club.

TBD’s got Grammy nominee Carolyn Malachi on TBD TV, a short tribute to producer J Dilla, and a long piece on Eugene Jarecki‘s historically-accurate Reagan.

Click Track reports that Wale has signed with Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group, but his management contract with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation is apparently remaining intact.

The Museum of Censored Arts curators, formerly banned from the Smithsonian for their protesting of Hide/Seek, are now allowed back in the institution: “‘As soon as you tell people they can’t see something, they’ll want to see it for themselves,’ said the pair in a joint statement released to the press this afternoon. Blasenstein and Iacovone’s Smithsonian ban was lifted on February 3, when representatives from the Smithsonian, Blasenstein and Iacovone, and a reporter from the Washington Blade took a private tour of the Portrait Gallery. David Ward, co-curator of the Hide/Seek exhibit which had hosted ‘A Fire in My Belly,’ told the Blade that the ‘ban’ was not the idea of the museum.” More on TBD.

Here on Arts Desk, we talk to Bear Witnez, who says the DMV hip-hop scene is the best in the world (and that he’s the best MC in it); take a peek at Black History Month events; dissect the New Pornographer’s latest video, which features cameos from a bunch of indie rock and alternative figureheads; and string together a timeline of tweets from a really rude Wiz Khalifa fan at U Street Music Hall.

Enjoy your Tuesday!