This is the first Wednesday in nearly a month that I’ve done the Arts Roundup without the city waking up to snow or freezing rain. Though it is bitterly cold. No matter; let’s do the arty news!

SmCity does much more than drop rhymes, Sarah Godfrey writes. As an independent MC, he has had to “handle everything from beatmaking to engineering to business management” and grown to love the whole enterprise so much that he’s released multiple EPs with the title The Indie Life. Now he’s turning that ethos into a new monthly series of underground hip-hop performances at U Street Music Hall. Joining Sm this Saturday for the inaugural Indie Life concert are Black Milk, X.O., Gods’Illa.

And while we’re talking about U Street Music Hall, please be advised that there will be no toasts to the douchebags or the assholes.

Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark is finally in previews, so only one or two more catastrophic injuries before it opens, right? But the reviews are pouring in, and turns out Spidey on stage was probably a bad idea. Some reviews were more devastating than seeing Mary Jane go out with Flash Thompson.

  • The New York Times: “…Spider-Man is not only the most expensive musical ever to hit Broadway; it may also rank among the worst.”
  • New York: “Oh, it’s all nonsense, of course. …The second act, taken all in all, is basically how I’ve always imagined the Björk–Matthew Barney honeymoon.” (This review is Maura Judkisfavorite.)
  • The Washington Post: “…a tangle of disjointed concepts, scenes and musical sequences that suggests its more appropriate home would be off a highway in Orlando.”

Wait, that last one, by Peter Marks, is kind of soft. Yeah, critic critic Jonathan L. Fisher called out the WaPo theater scribe for pulling his punches.

But whoever composed this YouTube video wins the day:

YouTube video

(h/t Arts Beat)

“You will not see a single realistic nude at the Hirshhorn right now unless you attend Saturday’s nurse-in,” Judkis says about the Hirshhorn Museum ahead of the gathering of lactating mothers planned this weekend. In short: The gallery could use more breasts. As part of the art.

Things Click Track likes this week: Thompson Square (haven’t heard it yet), Bright Eyes (a bit too verbose, even for Oberst), and James Blake (I’m a fan.)