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Do you spend your days watching footage from now-legendary ‘80s hardcore shows? Do you feel like you missed something youthful and political? Do you still hate Ronald Reagan even all these years? Well, what better way to celebrate the former president’s recent birthday than with former Bad Brains frontman, HR, at an underground punk show? While Reagan’s reign may be long over, the angry punks it inspired are still kicking.

This Sunday, you can find the HR Band and a host of other punks at the second annual Ain’t Scared Fest. The loud, angry gathering is set to take place at DIY space Hole In The Sky. The show starts at 3 p.m. and features sets from The Coits, The Screws, A Warm Gun, Nervous Impulse, Lapse, and more. It’s hard to say how long any underground show space will last, so enjoy the ephemeral punk pleasure while you can.