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You might ask yourself, “Is there a spiritual component to Far Out vs. Hot Dang?” The answer is no. You might note to yourself, “in a cosmological sense, the use of the words ‘far’ and ‘hot’ creates a mild paradox.” You might be right. And y’know what, D.C.? We’re glad you’re thinking about us all the time. Because we’re thinkin’ about you.

True Womanhood: “we are never drinking american or european coke again. mexican coke is all we want.” “he found the symbology of the American Latino prison and gang tattoo culture to be ‘haphazard’ “
“Marks gets to go, but he has to travel on a faulty Goblin Glider, and if the Post is wise enough to film that, I will happily give it a retweet.” “all the Helen Hayes awards and nominations in the world won’t disguise the slightness and staginess and punctiliousness and pokieness of this thing”
“I found it very easy to have my own little word apart from everything else.” DJ Stylus: “Shoutout to all artists writing their own Wikipedia entries in press kit style. Can’t nobody stop your grind!”
The Coaster Doodler “Maybe I’m just selfish, maybe I’m just completely biased, but I truly believe that I’m that person.”
“It’s kind of like the underground but not quite the underground” The reaction to douchebags must be swift and firm
“What results is a ghastly and deconstructed quality, like some sort of post-modern, post-apocalyptic Rick Astley.” Rollins kinda looks like Schwarzenegger in the second photo
“You will not see a single realistic nude at the Hirshhorn right now unless you attend Saturday’s nurse-in.” Sean Peoples / Sockets: “I need a tiger-mom intern.”
“A romance between a scientist and her chimp sounds a lot creepier than it ever seems in the context of this story.” “Girly on top, all business below.”