Some Valentine’s-themed songs from local artists

Travelers of Tyme – “Music for Lovers”

Two of the original members of the sorta-defunct D.C. spazzcore outfit Frodus have an exotica side-project called Travelers of Tyme, which seems to be particularly active as of late: In recent months they’ve released a handful of topical singles, like the New Year-pegged “Themes From 2011” and the, um, Metro-themed “D.C. Metro.” Now comes “Music for Lovers,” which contains steamy, reverb-soaked covers of two romantic standards, “The Wonderfulness of You” and “Smoke Rings.” This is some space-warped Lee Hazlewood shit: guitars so twangy they sound like brass, touches of harp, unidentifiable atmosphere. But unless you’ve alternating sips of Lone Star and sizzurp, the tracks are probably a bit too languid and soupy. Seduction-Efficacy Rating: 5.

Pro’Verb featuring Tiffany Harley – “Dreamin”

A day-dream slow jam in a low-key cast. In the first verse Pro’Verb toasts a love (“She’s the bullet to my gun”), but by the chorus, it’s plain her thoughts may be drifting off. In verse No. 2, Pro’Verb ponders “Why’s she playing games like it’s Nintendo?”

So things may not work out in the end—-points for staying close to earth on this most misty-eyed of holidays. Plus an instrumental of the track would be unstoppable in the bedroom. Seduction-Efficacy Rating: 6.