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Every now and again, dad likes to feel like he’s hip. Like he knows what’s up. He remembers when he used to spin the latest, greatest 45s on his turntable in college, always assuming he’d remain on the cutting edge of rock & roll, and every so often he turns to his children to find out what’s cool. If you’ve got any sympathy for your dear old dad, you’ll choose carefully. Send him a copy of Fucked Up‘s latest 7-inch and you’re likely to bum him out and make him feel disconnected. Send him the latest Kanye LP and you might alienate him with too many insider pop-culture references. Here are a couple tunes that ought to satisfy his curiosity without harming his ego.

Wilco earned the tag “dad rock” a few years back, and it suits them. While the band has explored the depths of Krautrock experimentation and Jim O’Rourke-inspired feedback, it simultaneously inhabits a distinctly ’70s-friendly sphere of classic rock & roll. “Impossible Germany” has fresh licks that drip with nostalgia.

The fact that Wilco chose to collaborate with her on its last record ought to give away the fact that she too shares some old-school influences. Feist‘s inviting vocals and her affinity for warm pop arrangements should sit nicely with your pops.

Local troubadours Lightfoot pull from a certain pool of ’70s singer/songwriters that should be accessible enough to dad. The pleasant melodies and major sevenths are kind without being cloying, and the youthful songs sound new enough to make your old man feel cool again. If he’s feeling extra adventurous, take him to Galaxy Hut this Sunday to see Lightfoot in action.