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It’s warming up. No sleet, no snow, no bitter cold. The Wednesday winter weather follies might be over.

We begin today on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, from where Washington Post fashion critic Sarah Kaufman sends her latest dispatch on New York Fashion Week. This morning Kaufman gives us a detailed tribute to Karlie Kloss, an 18-year-old model who is dominating the runway shows at Lincoln Center with her compelling alliteration and perfect balance. Designers, photographers, hair-and-makeup people—the girl’s got a fan club, but Kaufman might be going for its presidency, comparing Kloss’ walking style to watching a “Maserati under a speed limit.” Oy.

Jennifer L. Nelson‘s new play 24, 7, 365 premiered at the Atlas Performing Arts Center this week, and we’ve got some reviews.

  • C. Klimek: “Nelson’s insistence on making all of her creations virtuous types whose flaws need only to be gently chipped away like ice off a windshield reflects a view of humanity more admirable for its optimism than for its plausibility.”
  • M. Judkis: “Nelson is at her best when she makes us laugh. The serious, philosophical discussions of satisfaction land with a thud. … But Nelson’s writing is sassy and sharp, and the cast is comedically gifted.” Also, read to the bottom of Judkis’ review for a Jersey Shore reference I didn’t understand.

Foamhenge might be the source of 2011’s most awesomely pathetic film, if this trailer that Ryan Kearney reviewed is any indication. With, swords, sorcery, and a MIDI-file soundtrack, Talos is either a guaranteed disaster or a medieval fair gone delightfully amok. Or both.

The closing of Adams Mill Bar & Grill is such an outrage, even Hitler is mad about it. Yep, another Downfall parody, this one spotted by Aaron Morrissey at DCist.

The Reliable Source tells us this morning that Stephen Baldwin—aka the evil, crazy Baldwin—is suing Kevin Costner for allegedly “cutting them out of a lucrative oil cleanup deal” in the wake of the Gulf oil spill last summer. I guess it’s nice to see either of them get some kind of work these days.

David Dunlap Jr. is not impressed by this latest side project by Vivian Girls’ Cassie Ramone.

OK, enjoy Wednesday.