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Indeed, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is kinda icky and gross this week. It’s not your fault. I mean, maybe it kinda is. Don’t be embarrassed.

Will Durkl: “Just got laughed at in CVS for asking where the manilla folders were. They don’t carry them obviously” “The running joke was if you looked up angry black man on Wikipedia you would find Ralph.”
ROOSTERS BEWARE “He just wanted to get rid of us.”
“I no longer joke about dildos.” “When I found out about it, I called the gallery and told Alison I wanted to come over and show her my penis, and she said: ‘Bring it on over!'”
“His assortment of crowd-pleasing tricks included throwing a stick in the air and lighting a cigarette before it came down, all without missing a beat. “I was impressed by the jump kicks and wardrobes, and there appears, thank God, to be at least one sex scene.”
“She says this with nearly the same tone you would say ‘Smell this’ to your housemate while handing over an expired carton of milk.” Trey Graham: “My favorite sister just sassed me and called me Cinderella. It’s a good day already.”
“While the U.S. Bongs display in the corner was not unusual at the time … the older kids who hung out admiring the bongs and pipes were a little frightening, but pleasantly so.” “I was a kid, and thought it was so cool that there was a place where you could dress up, have weapons, and beat the shit out of people.”
“As he rolled his eyes into the back of his head while delivering his harshest lyrics, it was reminiscent of a move favored by famous wrestler the Undertaker.” “Wetherbee wasn’t above telling the guy to shut the fuck up.”
“flapping strips of canvas painted blood red and tinged in black; paintings of eyes slit and then stitched up again; a brain with a surface that suggests squirming worms” “the bucket of fake urine is by far, the grossest-looking thing backstage”