Sure, there’s a time for heartbreaking ballads, and there’s a time for searing punk anthems, but there’s also a time for simply nice music. While you might like to imagine your life filled with constant excitement and Chuck Norris-worthy badassery, truthfully, you’ve still got to get your dishes done, do the laundry, and make dinner. I don’t mean a fancy candlelit dinner either. I’m talkin’ mac and cheese. Sometimes you just want uncomplicated, quality tunes to soundtrack your domestic life. There’s no shame in wanting something pleasant to give you a subtle lift while you do what’s got to be done. Here are few solid tracks for your day-to-day.

Known for David Berman’s clever lyrics, Silver Jews offer that rooted-in-tradition sound, infused with the craftsmanship of subtle legends like Townes Van Zandt. Turn up “Random Rules” while you boil the water for your pasta.

Though they’ve released a fair share of ham-fisted pop tracks, Mates of State know how to work a simple love song, as well. Their warm take on Nico’s “These Days” provides an inviting musical counterpoint to the mixing of your tasty cheese sauce.

America Hearts is a local supergroup, featuring folks from Medications, Edie Sedgwick, and Olivia Mancini‘s band, but despite the bold-faced names, they make tunes that are approachable and soft. Queue up “Home” while you enjoy the fresh pleasure of Kraft—-or better yet, Annie’s—-classic mac ‘n cheese. Be sure and head down to Iota on Saturday to catch America Hearts in person.