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No doomsleet or killer winds overnight, but still, so very cold this morning.

Monica Hesse leads WaPo style today with some VERY IMPORTANT NEWS from London: Kate Middleton is the new Rachel Green. If you’re a young British woman with spare time and cash, you too can look like the future queen consort. Hesse writes the following about Middleton’s hair stylist: “He’s young, stubbly and scruffy, a slouchy cool that makes one think that Kate must be cool and edgy, too.” Gah.

Here’s a pro tip for all the Kate-alikes out there. If you want to stay ahead of Ms. Middleton, you’d get an explosive, billion-dollar divorce or have your life adapted into a shitty movie that’ll still manage to sweep the Oscars, because that’s how 100 percent of royal marriages end.

But we play dress-up on Arts Desk too. Check out Megan Arellano‘s dispatch from last weekend’s Katsucon, a get-together for people with spare time (and cash) who enjoy dressing as video game and anime characters.

Arena Stage is cashing in on Twilight (Finally!) with a sassy Team Edward (Albee) T-shirt on sale for the theater’s upcoming productions of At Home at the Zoo and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, Maura Judkis reports. Just be careful Arena Stage, sometimes the Twihards go batshit in defense of their sexless vampire.

Reports from the Wammies are in, and last weekend’s ceremony was, as usual, skewed toward the familiar, ignorant of Afropop and metal, and maybe altogether boring.

The return of live music to DC9 was—smoking amp aside—incident-free, TBD’s Ally Schweitzer writes.

Click Track reviews in a paragraph: Adele‘s sophomore LP 21 is even better than her debut 19, but the girl shouldn’t attempt synth-pop. DevilDriver‘s Beast is a “thunder-bringing, knuckle-dragging, 10-car pileup of an album.” And with Underneath the Pine, it might be time for Toro y Moi to move beyond chillwave, “an ideal starter genre but not something to make a career of.”

A Larry King stand-up tour? Yes, please.