Chris Klimek leads this week’s arts section with his review of two shows running in rep at the Keegan Theatre: The Weir, about Irishmen in a pub, and Basra Boy, about Northern Irishmen in the sand (which is to say: Iraq). Trey Graham reviews the Forum Theatre’s Bubonic plague-themed One Flea Spare. Our music critics tackle albums by two D.C. groups: Joe Warminsky reviews the latest from Ian Svenonius‘ group Chain & The Gang, while Ryan Little listens to the new record from The Caribbean. Tricia Olszewski reviews Even the Rain, a film about a film, and Kaboom a film about sexuality, drugs, the apocalypse, murder, dreams, ambitions…oh, never mind. In One Track Mind, Marcus Moore talks to local MC Bear Witnez about his scene-chewing new single.