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The sooner we’re done here, the sooner we get to focus on the excruciating countdown to the weekend. Let’s sprint!

-So a Foxx, a Seal, and a Crowe walk into the White House… Chris Richards and WaPo have the 1,148-word punchline. (Sub-question: Will Obama pardon Jamie Foxx for futzing with Motown lyrics for a cheesy laugh?) (Sub-sub-question: If Peter Sarsgaard and Kiefer Sutherland had a baby, would it not look exactly like Chris Richards?)

Fred Armisen is performing at the Black Cat tonight. For those of you who don’t fit the mold of the self-loathing hipster, Armisen has been killing it on “Portlandia,” his new show with Carrie Brownstein on IFC. (Did you read?) The man is so much better than his dime-store Obama impersonation.

-TBD plumbs the meta-subversion of wearing L.L. Bean to a Lady Gaga concert.

-Prince of Petworth smiles at how silly old-timey folks albums used to be.

Kanye West gives everyone a seizure.

Free Chocolate!

I should go.