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If Far Out vs. Hot Dang had an awards show, people would get up from their seats, walk to the stage, and give awards to Far Out vs. Hot Dang. Because landing on our Twitter list is easily as good as an Oscar, and we expect some kind of quid pro quo for that shit. (UNRELATED: We are jealous that we are not on a boat right now.)

“Musicians make their own light, their own energy, and she connects us to it.” “Frankly, we’re not all necessarily great and noble all of the time.”
“We’re just wearing Nike and Northface. And we’re the outcasts.” “In summation, this was a group of largely awestruck and aspirational hipster/blipsters, wanting to be as cool as the New York kids who give them the entirety of their stylistic impulse”
“I sort of walk around the stage and have these interactions with these five different plastic bags.” Phil Adé: “when an angry black woman’s mouth gets going… its like the train on ‘Unstoppable'”
“The wings swing in, otherwise I’d never be able to fit through doors.” “At the end of the day, the truth is the truth. My greatness is right there, and you can’t see it.”
Unintentionally hallucinatory “Rhea estimates that the actors drink two or three pints of fake alcohol each show.”
Hillbilly Handfishin cannot be stopped Brandon Wetherbee: Empire Records holds up as a film about the mentally disabled.”
Two extra minutes of dead people “Masks come off; pasts are revealed; lust comes out of the shadows to frolic among the damned.”