This is the comedown day. Last night’s Señor Frog’s showcase and subsequent dance contest meant a late start for many Bruisers, but by late morning they’ve roused. And while the show—in which fratboys shared a dance floor with punk rockers, and punk bands shared a sound system with a DJ spinning the Black Eyed Peas—put in sharp relief the bizarreness of sending a bunch of skuzzy garage bands and their friends to the Bahamas, today there are some signs of the same on the boat.

Take Black Lip Jared Swilley, who says he’s been called “faggot” twice during the cruise by non-Bruisers—once while stumbling back to his room drunk while wearing nothing but his underwear.

Today’s schedule puts the music a bit closer to the Imagination’s masses—Turbo Fruits and Surfer Blood perform in the more intimate Shangri-La lounge, which opens into the boat’s main indoor promenade. Tom Martin, a Brooklyn musician and friend of organizer Michelle Cable who’s helping staff the Bruise Cruise, says several non-Bruisers have heard the music and tried to get through the door, but he had to turn them away. These pink bracelets are gold this afternoon.

Radu Gherman, a Romanian who does entertainment tech on the boat, says musical charters aren’t uncommon. The Imagination had Boyz II Men recently, and a reggae-themed charter. But what about punk-rock charters? I ask. You know: Kids with tattoos.

He’s seen that before, he says. A while back the Carnival hosted Kid Rock.