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This may be the last thing you ever do, but it won’t be soon forgotten. After what that guy did to your mother/sister/wife, there’s no way you’re going to let him get off easy. Nobody messes with your family and lives. It’s going to take strength, cunning, and nerves of steel, but you’ll have your revenge. Whether your Count of Monte Cristo-inspired plot involves concealing your identity for years of stealth reconnaissance, a few weeks of Chinese water torture, or just whiskey and piano wire, you need a good soundtrack to accompany your depraved brainstorming session. Here are a few dark but not over-the-top tunes to churn out some vengeance.

Masters of minor-key minimalism, Gang of Four‘s funk-inflected angst provides solid motivation for a night of heavy drinking and plotting. Don’t let go of your anger if you want to see this through.

The tortured soul of Ian Curtis gave Joy Division its dark edge. Just don’t lose control while hammering out the bitter logistics. Harness the rage.

The semi-local SPRCSS, now at least half-based in D.C., has a penchant for primitive rhythms and fierce sounds. Utilize the band’s sharp grooves to spur your last cruel plans, just remember your actions won’t bring anyone back. After hours of thought alone in the dark, you might want to get out and see a show. In that case, be sure to check out SPRCSS live at Black Cat this Saturday, opening for The Ex.